February 9, 2017


The primary products to be derived from the IASI-NG mission include (in descending order of priority):

  1. Temperature profile
  2. Water vapour profile
  3. Sea surface temperature
  4. Land surface temperature
  5. Cloud cover
  6. Cloud top height
  7. Cloud top temperature
  8. Outgoing spectral radiance at the top of the atmosphere
  9. Surface emissivity in window channels
  10. O3 profile
  11. O3 total column
  12. ¹ CO total column and profile
  13. Volcanic SO2 total column
  14. CH4 total column
  15. NH3 total column
  16. HNO3 total column
  17. CO2 total column
  18. N2O total column

¹ When there is a thermal contrast, IASI-NG has low sensitivity to trace gases near the surface. In this situation the accuracy of some products (O3, SO2, CO and CH4) can be improved by the addition of data from the UVNS.

Further products to which IASI-NG contributes:

  1. Depth of the planetary boundary layer
  2. Tropopause height
  3. Downwelling longwave spectral irradiance at the surface
  4. CH3OH
  5. HCOOH
  6. PAN