February 9, 2017


The IASI-NG instrument is an infrared atmospheric sounder which is part of the key instruments for the EPS-SG mission. It is supplied by CNES to EUMETSAT.

The IASI-NG instrument will offer a twofold increase in performance over its predecessor IASI in terms of radiometric noise and spectral resolution. User applications in meteorology, atmospheric chemistry and climatology will be improved noticeably by these enhanced instrument performances.

This induces technological innovations. The IASI-NG instrument concept is not derived directly from technologies used for IASI but lessons learned from developing and operating IASI will be taken into account.

The IASI-NG instrument concept proposed by Airbus D&S (Ex Astrium) and selected by CNES is based on a Mertz interferometer with the ability to assess the self apodization issue by field effect compensation.

Field effect compensation is achieved by introducing optics with a correct optical index at the given optical path difference (OPD).

IASI-NG will be the first implementation in space of a Mertz interferometer concept.

IASI-NG functional diagram
IASI-NG functional diagram

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