February 9, 2017

Ground Segment

The IASI-NG system is part of the Eumetsat Polar System Second Generation (EPS-SG) system.
The ground segment, partly integrated in the EPS-SG ground segment, partly realized in the form of a separate Technical Expertise Centre (TEC), can be subdivided into three entities:

  • IASI-NG command and control functions, which are fully integrated in the EPS-SG ground segment; they are classically used to send instrument telecommands and to monitor instrument housekeeping telemetry.
  • Level 1 processor, in charge of processing scientific data up to level 1C; this software is integrated and operated within the EPS-SG ground segment.
  • Technical Expertise Centre (TEC), in charge of performance monitoring of the whole IASI-NG system, modifying data processing parameters when necessary, and trouble-shooting in the event of system performance anomalies. The TEC is operated by CNES at its Toulouse Space Centre.

Communication between all the elements of IASI-NG system is assured through EPS-SG system facilities. In the same way, dissemination of Level 1 products to users and archiving are assured by the EPS-SG system.

IASI-NG Level 2 products (temperature profiles, etc.) are generated within the EPS-SG ground segment, under EUMETSAT's responsibility.